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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and need for security, we ask our customers to create a secure login and create an account simply to make it easy for you to guarantee we make no mistakes in our warehouse when shipping out your goods.

We cannot view your passwords or credit card details, but we are able to change your password if you are unable to gain access to your account.

It is very important that you use the correct information when setting up your account because this will be the details printed on ALL delivery documents.

We would like to keep you updated with any sell offs and special offers on the site but will restrict our contact to a few emails each year, we will never disclose your details to any third parties and protect your information as if it was our own.

We promise to keep your information secure, encrypted and confidential within EASYPUCK.

If you are not happy about anything we do then contact us and we will do our best to put it right.

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