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Composite Low Kick Stick

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COMPOSITE Mini hockey Stick Fischer choose Left or Right Hand Shooter options from the menu ..
Easypuck £30.00
The COMPOSITE Mini Hockey Stick True XC9 exemplifies the dynamic spirit of the sport that transcends..
Easypuck £30.00
COMPOSITE Mini Stick Warrior Alpha LX  choose Left or Right Hand Shooter options from t..
Easypuck £30.00
Sher-Wood T90 Composite Ice Hockey Stick, 475g or less (Select your options from the dropdown) ..
Easypuck £100.00
Winnwell Amp 700 Composite Ice Hockey Stick Light and very durable, the pro's choice! Compress..
Easypuck £100.00
Winnwell GX8 Composite Ice Hockey Stick, Semi-Pro, 480 gram Our GX-8 Stick is the most high perfo..
Easypuck £100.00
Sher-Wood EK9, Composite Ice Hockey Stick 490g​  520 Gram Featuring a one-piece spear sha..
Easypuck £39.86
JUNIOR  wooden stick plug, Junior 18cm extender (25cm overall) fits shaft intern..
Easypuck £7.50
Sherwood NEXON N10, Pro Carbon Hockey Stick SNIPER SUPER ELITE TECHNOLOGY One-piece spear shaft..
Easypuck £115.17
NEXON N8 Pro balance Hockey Stick (please note : Youth, Junior, Intermediate Stastny N8 Stic..
Easypuck £65.80
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WARRIOR ALPHA DX STICK MAX Blade SABRE TAPER | Our exclusive taper design that combines low ..
Easypuck £195.00
WARRIOR ALPHA LX 30 STICK SABRE TAPER II | Our exclusive taper design is torsionally st..
Easypuck £175.00
WARRIOR ALPHA LX2 STRIKE  HOCKEY STICK SABRE TAPER II | Our exclusive taper design is torsio..
Easypuck £74.95