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Composite Traditional Mid Kick

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Cheap Ice, Inline and Street Hockey Stick, 140cm Composite shaft Street Hockey Stick, with..
Easypuck £24.95
COMPOSITE Mini hockey Stick Fischer choose Left or Right Hand Shooter options from the menu ..
Easypuck £30.00
COMPOSITE Mini hockey Stick True choose Left or Right Hand Shooter options from the menu ..
Easypuck £30.00
COMPOSITE Mini Stick Warrior Alpha LX  choose Left or Right Hand Shooter options from t..
Easypuck £30.00
THE NEW MINI-COMPOSITE Q-Series stick, PS119 Pattern, choose Left or Right Hand Shooter options from..
Easypuck £19.95
TPS Hockey R1 Gold Olympic limited Edition Intermediate 1piece composite stick Reg.flex Nash pattern..
Easypuck £70.00
TPS R1 Ice Hockey Stick FROLOV 024 (Black, Grey) Composite. select your flex and hand from the dr..
Easypuck £39.95
Winnwell AMP 300 JUNIOR FLEX 50 one piece composite Ice Hockey Stick, PS119 Blade Pattern with ..
Easypuck £59.95
Winnwell AMP 500 JUNIOR & YOUTH Ice Hockey Sticks, PS119 Blade Pattern with GRIP Junior = 6-1..
Easypuck £45.50
Winnwell AMP 700 Semi Pro Ice Hockey Stick, 12K Weave Composite, 545g  The New AMP700 Stick ..
Easypuck £91.14
Winnwell GX8 Composite Ice Hockey Stick, Semi-Pro, 480 gram Our GX-8 Stick is the most high perfo..
Easypuck £103.16
Winnwell, PRO-STOCK TEAM Carbon Ice Hockey Stick, Elite League Ice Hockey Stick, choose your bl..
Easypuck £112.53
was £140.66
Winnwell GX4 Composite Ice Hockey Stick  w/ GRIPTECH The GX4 One-Piece Stick is the most dur..
Easypuck £35.00
Sherwood T50 Composite Ice Hockey Stick , perfect composite one piece hockey stick for junior, inter..
Easypuck £42.20
Sherwood T70 composite one piece stick COLOURS MAY VARY PP96  Bouchard - Silver/black/gr..
Easypuck £60.26
Sher-Wood T75 PP26 STASTNY   DescriptionTechnical specs Power Kick High kickpoint ..
Easypuck £94.32
SHERWOOD T90 (GENII) PRO CARBON Composite Ice Hockey Stick The NEW lighter T90 GENII, is the late..
Easypuck £158.76
SHAFT T90 F85 REG SHAFT GRIP FEATURES Flex free zone Chameleon Tri-ply* Armor True..
Easypuck £42.00
Sher-Wood T100  Composite Ice Hockey Stick, 450g or less The T100 True Touch Series. Inspire..
Easypuck £120.96