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Sports-Tape™ Hockey Tape, Athletic Tape

Sports-Tape™ Hockey Tape, Athletic Tape

Sports-Tape™ is manufauctured in Canada.

Choosing the best finely graded technically selected Cotton/ Polyester blends are just part of the success of the SportsTape quality and rise in popularity. Many years of dedicated on ice and laboritory testing of water retension, tensile strength and adhesion properties have been route to success to match and even outpace the very best competitors.

Sports-Tape's Cloth Tape for Hockey Sticks is much stronger than our competition for a tighter wrap and binding action, yet tears with ease using your fingers and will not easily fray. Our customers have tested extensively our special "OPS-PLUS" natural rubber adhesion technology and tell us that it has greater water resistance and remarkable abrasive resistance, which means it can last more than twice as long on your stick during play. It keeps its friction profile (shape) for longer to grip the surface of the puck even better.

Sports-Tape's shin pad tape is manufactured from cast polyethylene film and coated with an agressive natural rubber. It stretches further than other tape yet its strength before breaking out preforms the entire market. Making SPort-Tape Hockey Leg Tape the first choice exeptionally well balanced tape which stays snug throughout the whole game.

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